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At Purple Pamper Products, we believe that self-care is not just a luxury—it's a necessity. Our journey began with a passion for creating skincare products that not only nourish the body but also soothe the soul. Each item in our range is crafted with the finest natural ingredients, ensuring a pampering experience that is as pure as it is potent. From lush body butters to rejuvenating scrubs and therapeutic bath essentials, every product promises to transform your daily routine into a spa-like ritual. Dive into the world of Purple Pamper Products and discover how we're dedicated to your wellness, one product at a time.

Kaz: Blending Passion with Purpose at Purple Pamper Products

A Personal Journey to Promoting Wellness

Hello, I'm Kaz, the heart and hands behind Purple Pamper Products. My journey into the world of natural skincare began when I discovered the transformative power of self-care. Fuelled by a desire to share this experience with others, I founded Purple Pamper Products to offer more than just skincare solutions—my goal is to inspire a lifestyle that embraces daily wellness. As a passionate creator, I meticulously design and handcraft each product, ensuring that every batch carries a touch of care and a lot of love. Join me as we explore the joys of self-care together, making every day a little more special with Purple Pamper Products.

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drawn image of a woman in a dreamy state imagining her possible future

I Dream a Dream ~ From Dreamer to Entrepreneur: My Journey of Starting a Business

April 15, 20183 min read

Dreamy seen of a girl dreaming of future life

I'm a Pisces. According to its description, among other things, that means I'm a dreamer. Whether you believe in astronomy or not (I take and leave which bits I find interesting at the time haha) I have to agree that this is a trait I have. From a fairly young age I have had dreams of earning extra money by making and selling various things. However, because of my dreamer nature, I would just do, try to sell, and fail. Which would lead me to be discouraged and allow myself to get distracted by other things, leaving my dream of entrepreneurship to the next idea that popped up.

I have decided 2018 is the year I finally force myself to get serious about this business I am trying to launch. No more just dreaming about the day of financial independence and working for myself. This is the year the cogs properly need to start moving in the right direction. I've got plans, to-do lists and research coming out of my ears! I've practised bath & body recipes, tested them myself and asked friends and family to test them too in exchange for honest feedback. Now, after a very long road, I finally have my own business name and a lovely logo. I'm building up my website and Facebook page. I even have a few products ready to go on sale.

I'm into too many different crafts to just focus on one, of course. So to make life that little more difficult...I mean interesting for me, I have decided to focus on a few different areas. Please bear with me while I build each element up. It will all come together in the end...I hope. (Origin story is planned to appear in a blog post in the future)

The main bulk of the business will be bath & body products, so I have focused my theme around that. Still in testing (not an exhaustive list), and all handmade by me, are:


Lip Balm

Shower Steamers

Bath Bombs

Bath Salts

Body Scrubs

Face Masks

Bubble Bars

Whipped Body Butter

Lotion Bars

I focus on ingredients that are natural and nourish and/or benefit our bodies. However, at least at this stage, I didn't want to commit to being completely natural. I will have varieties of each product that are completely natural and with or without essential oils for fragrance, but there are too many awesome smelling fragrance oils out there to not include them in my products. That being said, I will be checking the fragrance oil's ingredients list carefully to make sure I'm happy with it. Some of the fragrance oils can bring so much JOY when using a product in peach or raspberry for example...nature just can't replicate that which makes me sad.

The bath & body (cosmetic) industry is heavily regulated. Which means anything sold as a cosmetic in the EU has to meet specific criteria, safety assessed and then submitted to a board. I'm still at the safety assessment stage but this takes a lot of time and money :( which is why I'll be launching the site without any cosmetic type products. We can all celebrate together when I can finally launch them!

The other parts of my business will be items created with my sewing skills and also my many years of playing with papercraft.

I am planning to highlight each product in a blog post so you can get to know each one, the thought behind creating it, suggestions on how to use it and maybe even a look behind the scenes to see how it was made.

So come and join me right from the beginning of my journey of launching my business and lets see where it takes us! :D

#Dreamer #Startingabusiness #Onewomanbusiness

blog author image

Kaz Davis

Meet Kaz, the visionary behind Purple Pamper Products, where passion meets craft in the realm of natural bath and body care. With a story woven from the threads of creativity and an unwavering commitment to quality, Kaz transforms simple ingredients into treasures of luxury and comfort. As a dreamer, maker, and entrepreneur, she invites you on a journey filled with the delights of artisanal beauty and the warmth of nature's embrace. Through each blog post, Kaz shares not just the essence of her creations but the spirit of a journey marked by inspiration, resilience, and the pursuit of joy. Join her as she unfolds chapters of adventure, learning, and the pure bliss of creating something truly beautiful for you.

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